How to completely quit smoking in 30 days!

How to completely quit smoking in 30 days! It’s possible!

Smoking isn’t just an addiction, or a bad habit. Our body after some time adapts or even starts liking Nicotine, tarry substances and the gesture of smoking ciggaretes. If you want to stop smoking you have to keep in mind how long the road to success is. Your body like a rebelious teenager won’t be on your side. It will try to tell you that you miss your best friend. Your mentality will also show you it’s ugly side. Some people can quit smoking with a snap of their fingers, while others need months, and it’s a road through hell.

Smoking had an importance to us. Some people treat it like an anti-stresser, maybe even a relaxer while some get hyper and others just like the taste of tobacco or it’s tasty counterparts. It’s hard to get rid of something we like, something that is daily to us. Our body becomes one with it, no matter how odd does this sound.

If you want to quit smoking or reduce the amount of daily nicotine intake you are in a good place.

Why should you abandon this bad habit? That’s easy:

-Lack of ‘hunger’
-No aliments from smoking like. a bad smell, passive smoking, sore throat in the mornings.
-Your skin condition will get healthier and your sweating will decrease. (Usually in men)
-Your lung condition will get better and your frame of mind too.

Method number one

Everyone has heard about the E-ciggaretes. One of two methods that we will be covering in this article. If you think that E-ciggaretes are ‘worse’ and they will damage your health even more than traditional ciggaretes then you’re in a very big mistake. Sure, there aren’t fully innocent and malady-free but they can help us reduce the intake of nicotine and also we stop taking in so much tarry substances.

We aren’t here to read the surveys or confirmations about the harmlessness of the ciggaretes nor debate about them. I quit smoking thanks to E-ciggaretes and today I’ll write here evcrything that helped me with the habit.

How to start? Well you just have to buy an E-ciggarete and a liquid of proper power. Best to start with the 12mg nicotine in 100ml, it isn’t too much but not to little. People that can smoke about a pack of ciggaretes daily will just smoke a bit more than the smokers that smoke less. About the equppment – you have to go to a proper store (Best if it isn’t a branded store) and ask the seller about an advice about your equippment. Usually the worker behind the counter will put all the things toogether and we’ll just have to buy a liquid with a matching taste

You can start from a so called hybrid smoking. What’s that? Well for instance you smoke a ciggarete in the morning if you have a habit but the rest of the day you use the E-ciggarete. Even though the beginning can be hard if you can manage to decrease your smoking by atleast a half – that’s half way through to your sucess.

Hybrid smoking should last about a week- that’s how much a person needs to get used to an E-ciggarete but remember, some people can do it in a day and others in two weeks
When you fully go for the E-ciggarete you can decrease the nicotine after a week. Thanks to that you can limit your bodies intake of nicotine. Comparing to the adventures start this is almost the finish line! You just need to keep the intake of nictoine in an optimal level. Some people pick 3mg/100ml or others keep vaping 6mg/100ml.



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Method number two

This is quite a controversial method but it is tested by me. There are many counterparts of tobacco from different producers. Everyone of us has their own favourite or the ones they buy “For the rules”. This is why there are two sides of the medal, there is always a type of ciggaretes that we just don’t like. We would’ve buyed them if we didn’t have the choice, never by our own will. But thanks to them you can quit the addiction. Sounds abstractly? So what? it works!

Buy ciggaretes you absolutely hate! Motivate yourself, find the strength to smoke them. You have a very big chance that after twenty-four hours your brain will tell you that it doesn’t have that much of a nicotine hunger thanks to that it will surpress your bodies inner teenage rebell. Working that way you’ll deceive your smoker “mchanism” and thanks to that this trival and paradoxal method will gain meaning and unbelivable effectivness. It won’t hurt to try, right?
Quitting smking and going for the electronical counterpart of ciggaretes you will raise your health condition, mental condition and also you will strenghteb your life comfort. Maybe it sounds really serious but only when you break free from the addiction you will be able to see how much everything has improved. Besides changing your habits your body will go through a big and good change. Your condition and mood is the beginning of all the prizes that await for you on the path to quit smoking! We wish you quit smoking as fast as possible!