Effective learning – things you didn’t know!


Is effective learning worth spending your time on?

Effective and fast learning is one of most important things in your life. You are learning since birth and as a homo sapiens your learning cycle will never stop. From basic things like speaking, grammar, cooking, writing, computer usage to advanced things dependant of your life, future, interests or hobby – you are learning all the time even when your brain does not notify you about this.

Learning is a part of our life whether you want this or not. The thing is you can still improve speed of your learning – learn more and quicker Does it not sound impressive? Imagine that you need a week to learn a full section of any book in school. What if you will be able to do it in less than three days? And you have free  time for the rest of the week!

How to start effective and fast learning?

After two weeks we only remember 10% of what we’ve learnt. It means 90% of information is not in our long-term memory. And this is what learning from ONLY reading gives us. If you are able to – change paper book to audiobook – you will learn 20% – twice more than before! But if you cant use an audiobook or you are not able to find one – read aloud, record it and then listen to recording.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Yes, it’s true. If you are able to – try to find images and diagrams you will be able to use. Also, use simple symbols to recognize what you have already learnt. If you were reading, listening to, now – draw! It’s again 10% more – 30% now!

Effective and fast learning is almost ready to show you all it’s possibilites. You are almost half way there!

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How to get most from effective learning?

50% of what we read, hear and see is remembered after two weeks. This stage is called multiple intelligences because we stimulate more more than one sense at the same time and our memory is starting to be more effective and complete.

Even if 50% is quite a high score you can go even higher and master the learning techniques. You have to simply ‘connect’ one information to the  other. You will build natural connections that will help you remember those things. More things – more connections. Without those informations you’ve learnt are ONLY informations, not knownledge that your brain will gladly appreciate and remember. Learning in group, sharing your thoughts about what you have learnt is a good way to improve  the information you’ve took. Learn and teach – that’s thr key to 70% of success.

How reach 100%?

Learning, reading, talking about are not things that will fill all your brain’s needs for a good memory. Just DOING something will cause in experience and increasing your learning efficiency to about 95%! Experience, achieve, do, try! It’s a key to success.

From learning and listening to talking, teaching and doing – thats the secret key to effective and fast learning that will help you learn more material in less time.