How to stress less!

Stress less and make your life better!

Stress is a  common thing, it’s everywhere. And depending on the character it has a different impact on our behaviour. Some people shake their hands and sweat if they are in a stressful situation, others are frequently smilling. Stress is a 100% human reaction to a new, uncomfortable or weird situation, you should not be afraid of this. Depending on H. Selye’s definition is “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. Although stress is everywhere we should avoid it and try to learn how to cause it to dissapear. There are a few steps that can easily help you to de-stress in almost any situation.


First steps to stress less!

Act preventively! Meditate, do sport, sleep a lot – it’s more important than you can imagine. We recommend at least 7 hours of ‘good quality’ sleep.

Communicate more precisely – it will help you avoid quarrels! Take care of your time, manage it carefully and leave perfectionism. More time means more time to prepare for anything that could happen. If you are prepared for any kind of behaviour or situation you can go through this with less-stress.
Leave social medias and TV (similar things too). Think by yourself and clear your mind. You will take a look at various topics from a different perspective. You will be surprised how these simple steps can help you improve your life and let you stress less in many situations.
Also, many therapists and psychologists recomend to quit friendships that are ‘toxic’ and they are draining your energy – succesful people are only staying in touch with people like them or people which are lifting them up and teaching them. Keeping relationships with people that are pulling you down is not healthy for your mental progress and health.

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How to cope with stress and easily find an easy way-out in various stressful situations?

Look at challenges through a prism – there are only things that you can learn and achieve! Confront troubles and do not avoid them, learning how to beat them will make your future hesitations easier to resolve!
Raise your standards and look for that effort requirement that will motive you to work a bit harder and be a better person. Don’t run away from difficulties – face them, without it you cant improve yourself.
Only hard work and experience can create a better version of You. You, as a human, are endlessly creating yourself and the result depends about your work and attitude. Regardless challenges your are afraid of you should keep your head up and be consistent on the road to success, and what is this thing? Success is a better version of you.