Learn How To Improve Your Self-Esteem by Using These Simple Tips

 Learn How To Improve Your Self-Esteem by Using These Simple Tips



How the lack of self-esteem can ruin your life?

How many times have you said “I can’t do this”, “I can’t do that”, “I’m a nobody”, “I’m a loser”, “Nobody likes me”?
If the answer to this question is “many”, then you have a serious problem.


Why do you think this way? Because you are not strong enough. You need extra power that will pull you up every time you hit the wall, every time an obstacle shows on your way.


Guess what is going to happen if you keep talking to yourself that way! You are going to fall into depression.


You also block your potential. If you have low self-esteem, you do not go for what you desire and you will not achieve your goals.


Have you ever wondered what people will say when you do something? As humans we often care what people  say about us. It stops us from taking  action.

Too many times we want to meet the expectations of others forgetting that we should focus on our happiness, fulfillment and being comfortable with ourselves.


People with low Self-Esteem also:

-feel ashamed

-have emotional and social problems

-think that they don’t deserve a better life

-think they’re not smart enough

Benefits of high self-esteem

1)You feel great.

2)You can be yourself

3)You can come out from the comfort zone

4)You are able to reach your goals

5)You are okay with not being perfect

6)You can deal with criticism


How to boost your self-esteem 

1)Say stop to your inner critic

When you hear in your head a voice telling you “I failed again, I am weak”, try to immediately change this sentence to “I am strong and even though I failed I will improve my mistakes and achieve success”

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Think in positive way about yourself

Don’t blame yourself for your failures. Try to look differently on what happens to you. Every failure is a step towards something better. Appreciate what you already have. We focus on bad things too often instead of being grateful for what we already have.


-Find a purpose in life

It’s important to have an aim for life.

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.”~Tony Gaskins

That’s why having clear goals in your life can add value.


-Improve what you can and accept what you can’t.

Instead of grumbling about your life, you’d better improve your weak points. However if you can’t change some weaknesses, just accept it. It will make you a happier person.


-Make a list of skills you have and 3 reasons why it is true

If you want to help yourself believe that you’re a great person then notebook comes handy. Write down all of the skills you have and the ones you can think of. It’s important to know some good facts about yourself and being able to represent yourself the right way.


-Write an everyday  accomplishment.

Every day write down 1-3 things you have done that day that you are proud of. Later on take 1 thing from that week and write it down, then 1 from that month and finally 1 from the year. When you feel depressed, look at those notes and I bet it will improve your mood.


-Congratulate yourself

After each accomplishment congratulate yourself. There are many achievements that you had expected applause but nobody really cared about it (even your close ones). That’s why it’s important to congratulate yourself on your own.


-Accept yourself as imperfect person

Nobody’s perfect so you’d better accept things as they are. Instead of judgings yourself, see life as an  opportunity for you. There are many things out there you can try and be good at. Just give yourself a chance. You are awesome. Remember that.


-Look after your posture and appearance

The first thing that people mostly rate about you is your appearance. During meetings of new people the first impression is the biggest factor that determines your success. If you look messy then you think you suck. However if you look neatl then you think you’re awesome.



Self-Esteem takes a big part in our lives and we’d better take care of it.
There are certain ways to improve your self-esteem. You build it every day so be patient. It is going to grow over time. And when it will be on a  high level you will know it through differences in your life caused by it.


Remember this: