Top 15 common excuses which limits you

Excuses are our enemy, we should fight with them as hard as we can.

Sometimes even before giving it a try, you just say ‘no, I wont do this, I cant’. You can’t face your fears, laziness, lack of competence. We have to fight against excuses, show them no mercy just to achieve success and be better than we have been yesterday.

1. It’s not possible.
Yes, it’s not because someone said that it’s not possible. Learn how-to or stop caring about everyone’s else opinion. It’s ALWAYS possible – but how?

2 It’s difficult
If this would’ve been easy everyone could achieve this and it would’ve become something common. Everything what is new is hard at the beggining but in future with your progress – it’ll became as easy as  walking. It’s still hard? Okay, practice more and await for the success.”

3. I cannot
Then learn how to. Skills are not birth-given so you have to practice them. Everyone has to, don’t worry.

4. But this wont happen!
How do you know that? Cause It did not happen yet? Because someone else failed? Leave it all behind and try again unless you will achieve success – its called hard work.

5. Maybe next time
Achieving things later never ends. There is no next time, there is no diet starting: next year, there is no quitting smoking in first day of the month. You are only losing time thanks to this. Want to do something? Do it now!

6. It’s not my fault
Running away from responsibilities – it’s really common. For sure – check if it’s really not your fail, it will save you from negative results. Face it and learn!

7. “It’s your fault!”
It’s like running away from responsibilities but in a different way – everyone can blame but only few people can show their liability and resolve problems where others are looking for culprits. I.e weather does not make car accidents but ignorant drivers do.

8. “The problem is that…”
Stop! Everyone is able to diagnose a problem – don’t do it, resolve it! What is the solution? FIgure it out!

9. There is no way!
There is. Because sooner or later someone will figure out how to do it. Someone will pickup this pretty girl, someone will pick up money from the street, someone will get promoted. If there is no way – someone else will achieve this, not you

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10. I don’t have enough time.
You are making time – like  money. Just organize it better, set priorities, avoid things that are distracting you.

11. It’s too expensive
Really is it or you are not earning enough to afford it? Who decides about your earnings? Who and why?! If you don’t have enough money – you really dont have money. So ask yourself “what i can do to have money?” It will be hard but it will be worth it.
12 They used me!
Nope, you let them use you. Cause you didn’t have knownledge, cause you’ve been naive. Quit the victim role and face your fears and problems!

13 Others don’t like this?
So what? You are doing this for yourself or maybe for someone else? You ain’t a dollar to make everyone smile! There are a few people which will appreciate this – find them!

14.I’m not good enough
So become good enougj – train, fight and don’t be afraid anymore!

15. I’m doing what I can!
So start doing things you couldn’t do before. If something does not work – do something else! If there is no solution in the past, look for it and create the past!

Be reliable, competent and truthful. Don’t say tommorow – right now you are playing the game and your success is the bid! Face your fears and don’t let others tell you what to do or what not to! Fight against excuses, don’t let them beat you!.